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Rules and Regulations

Candlewood lakes P.O.A
P.O. Box 27
Saulsbury, Tn 38067
(731) 376-8097

Rules and Regulations
Revised 2-3-04

Candlewood Lakes Property Owners Associations, INC. is a private “membership association.” It has been formed in the interest of and for the protection, promotion and improvement of Candlewood Lakes.

Alcohol and Drugs- Overindulgence of alcoholic beverages or the possession of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Minors will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Clubhouse Rental- Clubhouse rental is available to members at a cost of $100.00 for rental and $100 for the deposit to be refunded if the clubhouse is left in good condition. The rental fee for non-members is $300.00 with a $200 deposit. Rental service is available only on days when normal operating hours are not in effect. The hours available are between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. with a six-hour time limit.

Docks, Piers, Beaches and Retaining Walls- Docks, piers, beaches and retaining walls may be constructed by the property owner on their property provided the plans have been approved by the Board of Directors. The Tennessee Department of Health requires cleaning a 15 foot strip around the waters edge. If any of this area is restricted from tractors and equipment the property owner must maintain the 15 foot strip weed and brush free.

Financial Responsibility- Members are responsible for reimbursement for any damages done or caused by themselves, their family or guests.

Guest Privileges- Active members are entitled to bring up to four (4) guests to the development. Additional guests may accompany a member with advanced special permission from the Board. All guests must be accompanied by a member or have advanced special permission. Members are financially responsible for any damages or charges incurred by their guest. Also, guests who blatantly violate their privileges may have them suspended or revoked at the discretion of the rules committee.

Hunting and Firearms- No hunting is permitted on the development. Firearms ma not be worn or discharged on the development, except by security personnel or individuals possessing a state permit.

Lakes- Lakes should be entered at designed greenway areas only.

  1. No boat is to be on any lake without your lot number on the front of your boat. Guests of members will place a card with the lot number on the dash of their vehicle where it can be seen.
  2. Gasoline motors are not permitted on Crystal or Spring Lakes.
  3. Boat speed is 5 miles. All lakes are designed ‘No Wake Zones.”
  4. Water skiing is not permitted.
  5. Swimming in the lakes is not permitted.
  6. Trot lines and jug fishing is prohibited – sports fishing only.
  7. Fishing license are not required.


Liability- Candlewood Lakes has no responsibility or liability for any injury, property damages, or other loss suffered or caused by their members or guests.

Maintenance Fee- The Maintenance Fee is $100.00 per year.

Membership Cards- Membership cards and vehicle stickers will be issued to one family member per lot upon receipt of the current and past due fees and assessments. Membership cards will be issued to the property owner and all dependents living in the household six (6) years of age and older and are not transferable. Please show your membership to employees or Board Members upon request. This will enable us to insure that only authorized persons are using the facilities.

Permits- All building and mobile homes must meet Candlewood Lakes Covenants and Restrictions and must be approved by the Board of Directors before being built or moved onto the property. A permit from the Board of Directors is required for all improvements on the Development, including but not limited to, driveways, electric power, septic tanks, buildings, mobile homes, porches, decks, etc. Please submit your request in writing with a description of the proposed improvements and or plans.

Pets- Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse or Swimming Area. Dogs must be tied up or kenneled unless under the direct supervision and control of their owner.

Renters- Rentals of property are not allowed in Candlewood Lakes. Occupants that are currently renting are “grandfathered” in, but no future renting will be allowed. Grandfathered “renters” are not entitled to use the facilities unless they join the Association and pay the annual Maintenance Fee.

Rules Committee- The Rules Committee is made up of the Board of Directors which formulates the Rules and Regulations. These rules may be changed from time to time, revised, or revoked by a majority vote of the Board members.

Schedule- Use of the facilities and hours of operation will be determined by the Rules Committee on a continuous basis to best fulfill our needs, maximize use and control cost.

Swimming- Swimming pool is for use by members and authorized guests only.

  1. Swimming in the lakes is prohibited.
  2. Swimming in the pool is only allowed during open hours.
  3. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person 16 years of age or older.
  4. Proper swim attire must be worn – no cut-offs.
  5. Observe all posted rules at pool and follow instructions of Clubhouse Supervisor.
  6. The Clubhouse Supervisor has the authority to close the pool during inclement weather or emergency.


Vehicle Control- The speed limit on Candlewood Lakes Property roads is 25 mph and should be adhered to by all for our safety.

  1. Vehicles, including motorcycles, atv’s, go-carts, golf carts, etc. are to be operated on the roads and parking areas only. Please stay off of the dams and lots.
  2. Operators of automobiles or motorcycles must possess a current driver’s license.
  3. No vehicles over 10,000 pounds and/or 3 axles are allowed on Candlewood lakes roads except for deliveries.
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